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Ayurveda Medicine for Pimple and Acne Treatment


Charm of youth is unmatchable. Beauty is normally at its peak during young age due to glowing and flawless skin. Simultaneously at the same age due to unhealthy lifestyle acnes and pimples erupts and spoils the beauty of individual. It is the most common problems of youth. But these days’ people in late thirties and forties too are being trapped by this common problem which needs timely treatment to protect your beauty from adverse impacts of acne.

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Treatment of acne at an early stage is essential as at latter stage it gets really hard to have control over them and also it is 100 percent curable. Different kinds of medicinal practises recommend treatment for acne. They are effective in providing temporary cure or in suppression of pimples but after sometime they reappear as for permanent eradication complete detoxification of body is required. Differnt kinds of anti pimple creams, lotions, soaps etc are available in the market which are expensive as well as not fully effectual in abolishing the acne issues. Don’t waste your valuably earned money on expensive treatment for acne when their eradication is possible with just a click or dial.

Is acne the cause of your low esteem and low confidence? Regain confidence to present yourself and entice the world with your beauty by having acne free skin with ayurvedic treatment for acne guarantying permanent removal of pimples without the use of harmful creams, lotions and tablets.

Before checking out in details about the best treatment available for acne, let us acquaint you with insight into pimples, its causes, symptoms and effects.

What is acne?

Normally known as nodules or pimples, is a state of skin which is a result of blockage of hair follicles caused by excessive secretion of oil by sebaceous glands. It generally begins to erupt on attaining puberty or adolescent and sometimes may continue to trouble in the age of forties too. Acne is called as Yauvanpidika in the pages of Ayurveda means pustules of adolescence. Acne leaves its impacts on shoulders, face and back but it may also erupt at other body parts having dense sebaceous glands.

Root causes of acne

As per ayurveda, the primary causes of acne are mainly three kinds of dosha which are Pitta dosha, rakta dosha and meda dhatus. Which means digestive agni, impurities of blood, excessive fat tissues respectively. Vitiate doshas generate toxins that stops the energy channels of the face resulting in pimple formation. The situation of acne gets even worse by abnormal intake of salty, spicy, oily and sour foods. Junk foods like burger, pizza, oily indian chats, paranthas, pasta, momos etc if taken in excess results in Acne.

Signs of acne

Whiteheads, blackheads and pimples are signs of acne which may be seen on face, shoulders and back.

Ayurvedic Acne Treatment

As per ayurveda, any form of acne like blackheads, whiteheads and pimples are solely due to discrepancy of three doshas which are pittaa, Vata and Kapha. Whereas Pitta doshas imbalance contributes maximum to the issue of acne which signifies heat or fire which causes accumulation of toxic substance in tissue of the body. These toxins lead to acne deep in the tissue of the body. Creams, antibiotics and lotions do not completely vanish the pimples rather they hold back for the time being. Thus, explicit ayurvedic treatment for acne is necessary to give the permanent relief to the patient from acne which involves balanced or proper diet, healthy lifestyle and herbal medicine. An Ayurveda expert can actually bring smile and beauty back on your face and most proficient and professional ayurvedic experts are available at Doxwell ayurveda, the leading ayurvedic clinic of the country expertise in catering specialised ayurvedic treatment for acne.

Doxwell brings you totally herbs based ayurvedic medicine for acne customized in accordance with the needs of every patient as issues of patients are diverse and so is severity of each case.

Procedure of treatment at Doxwell Ayurveda

Our treatment is diverse for every patient but the core of every treatment is based utterly on herbs and moreover the procedure of every treatment is same which involves following steps-

  • Free online or telephonic consultancy
  • Study and analysis of every case separately
  • Recommendations or prescription
  • Home delivery of medicines

Our doctor along with providing customised treatment inspire the patients to lead healthy regime and have healthy lifestyle as acne and numerous other diseases are outcomes of bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle.

Our doctor’s general advice
  • Don’t forget to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily which aids in excreting waste and toxic substances from our body which.
  • Try to minimize intake of unprocessed eatables and increase fresh food like vegetables and fruits in your diet.
  • One should exceed intake of herbs with cooling effects like aloe vera, Indian gooseberry (amla), coriander seeds and fennel.
  • Say no to spicy, oily, junk and sour foods.
  • Cleanse your face regularly with mild herbal soaps.
  • Avoid the usage of harsh cosmetics.
  • Do not touch and squeeze the acne as it may leave marks on your face. Constant touching also can increase infection on the facial skin leading to more acne.

FAQ - Acne

Are herbs used in cure of acne heating in nature and what are the side effects of it?
  • No herbs used in the medicines of acne are heating in nature instead they soothe and cater cooling effects to body as they are cool in nature which ceases the pitt dosha in the body. Neither ayurvedic treatment nor ayurvedic treatment for acne has any sorts of side effects as ayurveda is harmless system of medicine.
2. Do I need to follow strict diet while undergoing ayurvedic treatment?
  • All you need is to switch to healthy diet and give up spicy, oily and junk food only. Excessive intake of above things supports acne but you can occasionally like once in a month have fast food in limited quantity. 8-10 glasses of water or even more is recommended in all cases.

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