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Joint Pain

Ayurvedic Medicine Joint Pain Relief: Doxwell Ayurveda

Joint Pain

Ageing is inevitable and is associated with various body issues that invade body on reaching forties. The most common issues amongst men and women are joints pain. Women post menopause and men after 45 faces issues in their joints. In day to day life, we normally call all kinds of issues or disorder in joints as joint pains. But do you know there are various kinds of arthritis (joint pains) and has distinct treatment in all system of medicine. Treating all kinds of joints issues through one treatment only cannot serve you relief.

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Normally more than 200 kinds of joint issues are termed as arthritis. Osteoarthritis is most common form of joint pain troubling in old age generally. But due to change in lifestyle and eating habits of youngsters, it is common amongst guys in adolescent too. It is generally ignored in early stage and is treated by individuals at home only by taking pain killers and trying home remedies. The normal pain in your joint could be chronic joint disorder beginning and ignorance on your behalf may be like inviting severe and unbearable joint pains. It is of prime importance to recognise the severity and seriousness of your problem and it is vital to know its causes and symptoms.

A brief insight into causes and symptoms of Osteoarthritis

Causes of arthritis are different due to diverse categories of arthritis and there are no definite reasons for them but here are few common reasons that if not controlled usually results into Osteoarthritis.

  • Inheritance – it may also get transferred from parents affected with arthritis to their offspring.
  • Immune system issues such as RA and SLE.
  • Irregular metabolism resulting in gout etc.
  • Injuries.
  • Infections may also causes osteoarthritis for instance in arthritis such as Lyme disease
  • Chain smoking
  • Nutrition and diet also play significant role in causing arthritis. Intake of excessive foods such as sea foods, high intake of refined sugar etc also causes osteoarthritis.
  • Symptoms –

    The symptoms of arthritis depend upon the kind of it suffered by patient. It may appear all of a sudden or may erupt slowly. Here are some of the alarming indications or symptoms of arthritis which on being noticed by patient should immediately approach a proficient doctor.

    • Pain: persisting pain in any of the joints is an indication of arthritis. It may be continuous or may be felt occasionally by patient and also may affect any of the joint.
    • Swelling: You may observe swelling and reddishness over the skin on joint.
    • Not easy movement of joint: if you find difficulty in moving that specific joint or you find hard in sitting and standing off the chair then it is warning sign of arthritis.
    • Stiffness: If you are losing the flexibility of all or any of the joint of the body is a typical symptom of arthritis. If you feel stiffness in morning in hands, legs, hips, neck joint, lower back etc rush to the doctor as you may not be able to move one day.
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Ayurveda in context with joint pain

Ayurveda stores harmless, side effect free and non surgical remedy for osteoarthritis confirming painless and 100 percent result. When Vata present in joints reduces the fluidity and results in decrease in synovial fluid and cartilages in the joints leads to joint pains. Knee or joint transplant, long and strong medication are part of other treatment but ayurveda brings you 100 percent painless relief from osteoarthritis or from other forms of arthritis.

Doxwell ayurvedic clinic brings you joy of best ayurvedic treatment for joint pains with no fear of side effects. We bring you customized as well as personalized treatment as causes of it are different therefore requiring different treatment.

Treatment at Doxwell Ayurveda

Our mode of treating issues is systematic to confirm best results and no negligence by our team.
  • Clinic, phone or online consultancy – our patients as per their convenience can opt for any of the mode of consultancy with our expert and experienced doctors.
  • Our expert doctors personally investigate case and offer personalized as well as customized treatment to all.
  • In case of being incapable of collecting medicine from clinic, our team dispatches the medicine through home delivery services.
  • We emphasize on improving the lifestyle and habits of our patients and thereby also provide dietary plans as well as exercise and lifestyle assistance to be able to give best and favourable results to them.

FAQ - Joint Pain

How is your ayurvedic treatment different and better from other ayurvedic clinic?
  • Doxwell Ayurveda clinic has from the day one of its establishment emphasized on excellence and purity. We bring you sacredness of herbs with its original traits in the form of treatment packages. Our every Ayurvedic preparations constitute herbal ingredients mostly but few of them are based on minerals. Our medicines blended with minerals provides instant relief and all constituents are completely purified before being added to the medicine. The herbo-minerals and unani medicinal products assures best results and harmlessness in addition to purity.
Patients often complain of inflammation in stomach, chest and throat after intake of medicine. Is it expected from ayurvedic treatment for joint pains too?
  • Inflammation in digestive system may be due to heating nature of medicines and yes few of our medicine may also give you burning sensation as we provide customized treatment depending upon the severity of case of patient but. You need not to be scared of them as our doctors also prescribe supportive medicines that have cooling effects or have potential to neutralize the impact of strong medicine. But none of our medicines are harmful and also do not impart any kind of side effects on your physical and mental state.

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