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Weight Loss

Don't Lose Your Heart, Lose Your Weight by Ayurveda

Weight Loss

We human beings love to eat food but do you know how harmful can overeating be? Perhaps we all know that after effect of excessive and unhealthy eating is putting on oodles of weight which initially starts on stomach and then thickens the other parts of body. None of us likes to put on fat. Every thirds person in this world is now obese. Putting on fat is much easier than getting rid of it and today millions of people amongst us are in the state of stress due to their plus size physique. Weight loss is not only the need of obese but is also a trend amongst folks of all generations to look good as well as to stay fit.

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Rigorous exercises, strict diet plan, surgeries are most common practises involved in weight reduction programme and simultaneously these are not that easy as they sound. Also desired results are quite often not attained due to lack of right knowledge and the weighing machines continue to irritate us.

Why do we get fat?

Fat is caused due to accumulation of toxic substances in the body when body refuses to expel fat which is due to factors like over eating, less calorie burn, unhealthy lifestyle and issues like thyroid, metabolism disorders; depression etc makes an individual plum.

Are you too striving hard for weight reduction and have tried various treatments for weight loss with no results? Have you tried for ayurvedic treatment for weight loss yet? If not then go for it as it not only claims quick results but has also proved its effectiveness better than other medicines. Ayurveda, the most ancient system of medicine guarantees quickest, safe and desired results without any side effects. But do remember that medicines and brands are vital for your life and it is highly significant to buy ayurvedic medicines from renowned and reliable brand or clinic of medicine.

Proven Treatment for Weight Loss by Doxwell Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatment is most verified treatment for fat reduction and which is confirmed by experts of medicine from all parts of the globe. Origin of it cannot be figured out correctly but is most ancient medicinal practise which whenever compared and tested with other system of medicines like allopathic, homeopathy etc has proved its effectiveness beyond anticipation and perhaps this is why it is despite of being ancient still is widely practised and trusted.

What makes us best choice amongst other ayurvedic clinic of the country?

Doxwell Ayurveda is proud to carry forward the legacy of ayurveda and has elevated its benefits to other heights with the experience of our proficient team of doctors having quality experience and profound knowledge of every aspect of ayurveda.

We bring you what other don’t, assurance, safety, results and personal attention to each and every patient. With the evolution of digitalization, we have extended our presence on internet too to be able to provide treatment with convenience all around the globe. With just few clicks on your PC, not only you can consult with our dedicated doctors, order and have delivery boy ringing your bell for your signature thereby confirming home delivery.

How our slimming treatment works?

We have been emphasizing on maintaining the core of Ayurveda, by using utterly natural therapeutic ingredients effective in weight loss treatment with no side effects. Normally weight loss programs, pills and range of other medication emphatically have side effects but with our ayurvedic medicine for weight loss, no such concerns are anticipated.

Our weight loss medicine constitute following ingredients in most effective proportion which when consumed proffer desired results only-

  • Kalonji- it is known as Nigella in scientific language and has magical effects on excessive fat of the body. Its seed extract are used for melting the unwanted flab of the body.
  • Guggul- it is highly beneficial in bringing down the cholesterol and augment good cholesterol in the soma and thus, it finds significant position in the numerous ingredients useful in weight reduction.
  • Ginger- Ginger is also chief component of our medicine. It reduces the fat level in the body and has also proven to be immensely beneficial in augmenting metabolism along with stimulating the fatty acids in the body. Keeping the cholesterol level down is one of the main effect of it.
  • Licorice- Licorice is specifically beneficial for liver, quality of blood in body as well as in maintaining the triglyceride levels of the body.

In addition to above there are many more naturally occurring items that are involved in ayurvedic treatment for obesity. It is vital to understand the essence of Ayurveda which stresses on easy and natural ways to weight loss without being mentally and physically harassed by stress and strain.

FAQ - Weight Loss

How to lose weight fast?
  • Contact to Doxwell Ayurveda and get treatment to reduce weight
Can i lose weight in a month?
  • Yes , You can reduce more weight by getting perfect treatment by Doxwell Ayurveda

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