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Warts – Causes, Symptoms and 100% Ayurvedic Treatment at Doxwell Ayurveda

What Are Warts?

Also known as Verruca Vulgaris, warts are actually skin infection in the top layer of the skin. Verruca Vulgaris is a skin condition in which skin cells of the outer layer grow rapidly. This results in the formation of a small and fleshy bump on the skin. The small bump often looks like a small cauliflower or a solid blister. This small and grainy skin growth usually occurs on hands or fingers.

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Are Warts Painful?

Warts don’t cause any pain. In most of the cases, warts are not itchy. However plantar warts, warts grown on weight-bearing areas of the feet like heel cause discomfort and pain especially while walking. Plantar warts are hard and thick patches which can be as long as two inches.

What Are Causes of Warts?

Warts are caused due to infection in the outermost layer of the skin. A virus from human papillomavirus family invades the top layer of the skin and causes this infection. All this virus needs is a tiny scratch or a wound to get under the skin. This virus triggers the rapid growth of skin cells and hence causes warts. Anyone can come in contact with this virus simply by turning doorknobs or shaking hands. More than 100 types of this virus have been identified so far. So, chances are high that you will have warts at least once in life.

Some types of viruses cause warts on hands and some types of HPV viruses cause warts in genitals. Apart from skin-to-skin contact, your skin might be infected if you use a towel or any other object used by a person with warts. Cuts and nicks from shaving, biting fingernail or small scrape or any other damage or cut on the skin allows this virus to invade and trigger rapid growth of skin cells. Men are most likely to have this condition in the beard area and in case of women, warts usually appear on legs.

Some People Get Lots of Warts

We all encounter viruses, however, some people rarely get warts, some get a lot of warts and some are immune to warts. So, clearly, it has something to do with the immune system. Children are most likely to get warts as their immune systems are not fully developed. However, experts are still unable to determine differences in the immune system that prevent warts.

Symptoms of Warts

If you experience any of the following symptoms then you should see an Ayurveda practitioner at Doxwell Ayurveda for Ayurvedic treatment for warts:

Symptoms of Warts on Fingers and Hands

  • Warts are small, grainy and fleshy bumps
  • Warts are white, pink, tan or flesh-colored
  • Warts are rough to touch
  • Warts have small black pinpoints
  • Clotted blood vessels

Areas on which Genital Warts generally occur in Men:-

  • Warts on penis
  • Warts on Scrotum
  • Warts on groin
  • Warts on thigh
  • Warts around or inside anus

Areas on which Genital Warts generally occur in Women:-

  • Warts inside or outside of vagina or anus
  • Warts on cervix

Symptoms When Genital Warts Are Not Visible

  • Itching
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Burning
  • Bleeding

Apart from these, oral sex with an infected person can cause warts on lips, tongue, mouth or even in throat.

Warts are uncomfortable and ugly. Usually, warts are healed on their own. However, warts from one part can spread to other parts. However, these are unsightly and you will definitely like to get rid of warts. There are some types of HPV that can cause cancer of vulva and cervix. So, take them seriously. Here at Doxwell Ayurveda, we use herbs for treating warts and verrucas.

We have certified Ayurveda practitioners having a thorough knowledge of herbs described in ancient Ayurveda documents. These herbs are being used for centuries for treating warts and verrucas and other skin disorders. All types of warts can be easily treated without any side-effect. Not all types of warts are healed on their own. Therefore, take warts seriously especially genital warts.

FAQ - Warts

Are Warts Dangerous?
  • Not all, but some types of warts can pose health risks. Genital warts can cause diseases cancer of vulva and cervix. Warts can be dangerous. So, book an appointment with our Ayurveda practitioners for treatment for warts.
How Much Time Genital Warts Take To Appear?
  • Warts occur when a type of virus invades the top layer of skin and cause rapid growth of skin cells. Warts begin to appear two or three months after the infection. Sometimes warts take eight months to appear.

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