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Kidney Stone

No More Kidney Stones: Prevention and Treatment by Ayurveda

Kidney Stones

People across the world are moving away from healthy lifestyle at a very high pace. It is a latest trend amongst people to stay awake due to late night parties, work in offices and takes nap in day despite of knowing the fact those days are meant to work and nights for rest. Instead of eating healthy diet comprising of fruits and vegetables, people of all age are more inclined to junk food rather than having them occasionally. Late night eating, less water intakes and inclusion of cold drinks are further worsening the state of health of folks across the world. The outcome of leading a modern lifestyle is numerous health issues and kidney stone is most common amongst folks of young age between 20 -35 years.

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Do the above words describe your routine or lifestyle? Kidney stones are the outcomes and indication of your noxious lifestyle and habits. But the sign of relief is that lifestyle can be changed and so can we reduce the size of stones and expel them completely out of the body. But they cannot be pushed out without medication. These days various kinds of medicines with side effects and painful surgeries are practised for stone removal.

If you want to get rid of your kidney stones painlessly without surgeries and harmful medication, Ayurveda is the best pick as it is harmless science of treatment based on the offerings of nature. To get in contact with best practitioners of Ayurveda, browse or visit Doxwell Ayurveda clinic, the most perfect choice for one stop ayurvedic solutions for all health issues.

Most effectual ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones

To your knowledge, kidney stones are of many kinds which depend upon the high content of sort of mineral and waste material. They are formed when these wastes and mineral in the urine gets crystallized and settles in kidney. Size of stone may differ from pinhead to a peanut or even more in size. Their presence in kidney is painful and expulsion is further unbearable. We bring you ayurvedic medicine for kidney stones involves herbs and diuretic that slowly on being taken regularly dissolve stone completely or reduce the size to the extent that it gets expel out of urinary track of patients. The system of body is then cleaned and strengthened using toning and revitalizing preparations.

Our medicines are a success in stone removal as well as reduction of excessive minerals that accumulates and are cause of stone. Our doctors also investigate the nature of stones to advice patients to reduce the related intake of food to avoid recurrent tendencies of stone. Eradication of root cause of formation of stone is we emphasize on and our team of doctors work on it tirelessly.

Doxwell ayurvedic clinic presents 100 % cure and safe ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones at discounted rates. With par excellence services and result surety, we bring customized treatment for every patient in consultation with leading and most experienced doctors of the country. Our medicines help in reducing the recurrent stone forming tendency and also aim in enhancing the metabolism system of the body. Get online and have consultancy with our doctors and buy customized treatment on easy terms and conditions.

Time to approach us –

There has been numerous cases of people being unaware of stones in their kidney as some do not experience any pain while other just neglect the symptoms of kidney stones. Here are few symptoms when you should contact us for best and most effectual treatment –

  • Nausea or vomit sensation
  • Disturbed stomach/ digestive system
  • Bleeding in urine
  • Moving pain from sides to lower down urethra
  • High urine frequency
  • Frequent urine infection or burning sensation while urination.
  • Our guide to avoid kidney stones

    Excessive intake of various foods results in calculi but on being avoided completely or minimizing their intake possibility of stone recurrence too can be minimised.

  • Stay away from heavy, sour and dry fruits.
  • Say no to numerous coffee, tea, pickles, spinach, lady finger, tomato, chocolates, poultry, meat, cold drinks and alcohol.
  • Add more liquid in your diet like juice, lemonade; water at least 8-10 glasses daily etc.
  • Patients should not suppress urges to urinate.
  • Should add roughage rich food, citrus food and fruits in diet whereas fruits such as chicoo and concord grapes should be avoided.
  • Procedure to contact us

    Our services are just one call and browse away. Either call us for appointment or enjoy our online services like consultancy, treatment and home delivery of medicines prescribed to you from your home only.

    FAQ - Kidney Stone

    It is being said that ayurveda is for patients with patience as it does not provide instant relief and I have a stone of 10 mm in my left kidney. Please tell me the duration ayurveda needs to cure my issue
    • Ayurveda may not provide you instant relief but result is assured within the duration prescribed by our doctors as it depends upon the stage of disorder of individual. Doxwell ayurvedic clinic has accomplished itself in the cure of kidney stone. We cannot accurately tell you the duration as we need to get few medical investigations done and it also depends upon the extent you cooperate with us by following diet instructed by us.
    I have multiple calculi in my right kidney but are not troubling me in any manner. Tell me the impact of stone on my kidney or why should I remove it?
    • moving or floating calculi often troubles and causes stomachache. It is necessary to get your stones removed as it may obstruct the urinary passage or cause bleeding inside kidney or while urinating also. Your Kidney may shrink in size, urine infection and burning sensation may be experienced by patient having stone.

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