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Painful Sex

Painful Sex (Dyspareunia) – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment at Doxwell Ayurveda

Painful Sex

Painful sex usually occurs during penetration and it can be treated with herbs and Ayurvedic methods. Here at Doxwell Ayurveda, we identify and cure the cause of pain during penetration. We provide 100% custom Ayurvedic treatment for painful sex. For Quick Enquary Call +91 - 9899931151 or Email:

Pain and discomfort during intercourse are caused due to different physical problems and sometimes due to emotional disturbances. Urinary tract infection, uterine fibroids, STD, menopause and endometriosis are common culprits making it very painful for you to enjoy your best moments of love making. The trouble often begins before, during or intercourse. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicines offers highly effective and safe treatments to provide quick and lasting relief.

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Symptoms of Painful Sex

Following are the common symptoms a woman experiences when suffering from this problem:

  • Pain at entry
  • Pain every time he penetrates
  • Deep pain while thrusting
  • Burning pain
  • Aching pain
  • Throbbing pain that lasts hours after sex

Never ignore if the pain during intercourse is recurrent. Apart from bringing problems in your sex life, it can cause self-image problems and emotional intimacy as you are unable to satisfy your partner. So, immediately talk to your doctor and book an appointment.

Causes of Painful Sex or Painful Intercourse

Causes can be different; however most of the times pain is likely to occur just before, during or after penetration. Apart from physical causes, there are several emotional factors causing painful intercourse. Here are physical and emotional factors ruining your mood every time you try to have fun in your bedroom.

Entry Pain

This pain occurring during penetration is caused due to following physical factors.

  • Insufficient lubrication: In some cases, the vagina loses some of its ability of natural lubrication. Sometimes, foreplay is not enough or dropped estrogen adversely affects vagina’s ability to produce lube. Level of estrogen is often dropped after childbirth or menopause. Apart from this, lack of natural lubrication also occurs due to breast-feeding. Sedative, birth control pills, antidepressants and a few other medications are responsible for reduced natural lubrication.
  • Trauma or injury: Pelvic surgery, circumcision, injury and sometimes cut made during childbirth also cause this pain acting as a barrier between you and your sexual pleasure.
  • Infection or skin disorder: Skin disorders like Eczema, infection in the urinary tract or genital areas lead to dyspareunia.
  • Congenital abnormality: A lot of cases have been reported in which abnormal formation of the vagina causes painful intercourse.
  • Vaginismus: These are spasms of the muscles found in the vaginal wall making penetration difficult and painful.
Deep Pain

Deep penetration becomes more painful in certain positions. Following are the common causes of deep pain:

  • Treatments and surgeries: Hysterectomy and cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiations are also responsible for painful sex.
  • Certain conditions and illnesses: Uterine prolapse, cystitis, IBS, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, pelvic inflammatory diseases and there are a few other conditions making deep penetration very painful.
Emotional factors

Psychological issues like depression, anxiety, self-image related problems, stress (stress tightens pelvic floor muscles) and sometimes the history of sexual abuse also cause painful sex.

Diagnosis and the Best Treatment at Doxwell Ayurveda

Diagnosis of painful intercourse starts with the medical history of the patient. The doctor asks several important questions including:

Does the pain occur every time and in every position?

Where does it exactly hurt?

When was the first time you begin to feel pain?

After all these questions are satisfactorily answered, the doctor inquires about the medical and surgical history of the patient. A pelvic examination and pelvic ultrasound are also recommended for diagnosing the actual cause of pain.


Ayurveda is not only the most trusted but also the most effective and safe system of medicine especially when it comes to sexual problems. That’s why here at Doxwell Ayurveda, we use the experiences and knowledge recorded by our forefathers in ancient documents. We know every important herb from inside out. We use herbs that have been proven to be the most effective for treating painful intercourse and several other problems.

All these herbs are incredible anti-aging agents and adaptogens. These herbs control and cure infections, rejuvenate reproductive system, enhance vagina’s ability to produce lube naturally and relax the muscles of the vagina. Here at Doxwell Ayurveda, we offer the best Ayurveda treatments according to the needs of the patient. Our experts very patiently listen to your problems and ask important questions related to your current health and medical history. This enables us to provide fast and permanent relief from pain during sex. We are the most trusted team of Ayurveda experts that has changed sexual lives of couples by offering 100% natural and risk-free Ayurveda treatment. Certified Ayurvedic practitioners at Doxwell Ayurveda also offer safe, effective and affordable treatment for weight management, diabetes, kidney stone, arthritis, gastroenteritis, and male and female sex problems.

So, don’t be dilatory when you are dealing with painful sex or any other sex problem. Get connected with expert Ayurveda practitioners of Doxwell Ayurveda and get treated with nature’s help in nature’s way.

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