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Psoriasis Treatment: Cure Psoriasis with 100% Safe Ayurvedic Medicines


Beautiful skin is what people of all generations’ lures for and tries plenty of medicines, cosmetics, natural products to enhance their complexion and to remove blemishes. Your skin is reflection of your health and your beauty is characterized with skin primarily. Skin is first line of defense of your body that protects your internal organs from the external matters and injuries that could blow your health.

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Do you know how sensitive our skin is and any negligence in the proper skin care can result into serious and not curable skin issue. Skin disorders are often taken lightly by us but do you know some of the skin issues are lifelong and do not have treatment while there are few that are temporary and has treatment. They can be painful on one hand and painless on other hand. Your skin issue can be life threatening as well. There are various kinds of skin disorders, Psoriasis is one of them.

Psoriasis is incommunicable (disorder that do not spread on touching) skin condition which is characterized by rapid skin cell reproduction that leads to dry red patches of thickened skin. The skin cell develops rapidly causing skin to get dry with scales and flakes.

Psoriasis primarily affects scalp, knees, elbow and later on spread on whole body. Various systems of medicines claims to have its treatment but none have really been affected in the treatment of psoriasis completely. These treatments havent been able to provide 100 % cure and they render relief only for the duration medicine is continued and the psoriasis strikes back on discontinuing the medicine.


Heredity is responsible to a large extent in passing of psoriasis. There are 15%-20% chances of getting infected with it where single parent suffers and this percentage extends to 60% when both the parents are suffering from it. Depression, mental stress, excessive smoking, unlimited alcohol consumption, bruises, burns and cuts on skin too result into psoriasis along with factors like consumption of food with opposite nature like fish and milk together


  • Protruded bumps on skin with pus
  • Burning of skin
  • Loose silvery scales on skin
  • Excessive itching on skin
  • Red skin all around pustules
  • Stress
  • Less or stiff joint movement
  • Pain in skin
  • Burning sensation on skin
  • Blisters on skin
  • Bleeding from patches on the skin
  • Dry patches on body

As mentioned above effective and permanent treatment of psoriasis is not available in systems of medicines like allopathy, homeopathy etc.

Go for the ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis as ayurveda is panacea of all types of disorders.

Doxwell Ayurveda, the renowned ayurvedic clinic presents tailored ayurvedic medicine for psoriasis manufactured by its own team under the supervision of its highly experienced doctor at reasonable prices as your wellness is we aim.

Ayurvedic Psoriasis Treatment

As per Ayurveda, Psoriasis is the outcome of imbalance of Vata and Kapha dosha in the body of individual that generates toxic substance. This toxin substance settles down deep into the tissues, muscles and lymphatic thereby causing psoriasis eventually. Psoriasis treatment should be started immediately and negligence can cause spread of red patches all over the body.

Doxwell Ayurveda clinic, most acknowledged ayurvedic clinic that stores solution to every health issue by practicing ancient medicinal practice from the teachings of Ayurveda. Our highly experienced and expert doctor prescribed medicine for purification of blood and tissue. Keeping body detoxified is chiefly emphasized by us. Continuous detoxification and restoration of digestive system is aimed primarily to restrict spread of psoriasis further. And finally medication based on herbs is prescribed for rejuvenation of skin.

Treatment at Doxwell Ayurveda

We offer customized ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis depending upon the intensity and stage of health disorder. Our treatment at ayuvedic clinic comprises of meet between the doctor and patients which could be either online or face to face. After related examination, Intensive study of reports of concerned investigation, medicines is prescribed. Wellness tips, diet and lifestyle advice are proffered to patients for speedy recovery.

Advices straight from our doctor
  • Patient should not try to control vomit, urination and bowel as these are natural urges whose control is harmful.
  • Consumption of opposite food should be avoided.
  • Foods that cause indigestion should be discontinued.
  • Cold water bath post heavy work out should be avoided.
  • Stay away from excessive sour and salty food.
  • Stay awake in day or avoid sleeping.

FAQ - Psoriasis

How long do I have to avoid salty and sour food?
  • Patients are supposed to minimize and stop intake of salty and sour eatables till they get completely fit. It is advisable to give up eating few foods and follow other instruction of doctor instead of intensifying the disease more.
Is Psoriasis completely curable?
  • Yes, psoriasis is utterly curable but patient needs to keep his calm as it cannot be cured overnight. Continue the treatment along with following instructions of doctor and Ayurveda assures 100%cure of it.

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