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Night Fall

Night Fall Ayurvedic Treatments & Medicines - (Swapandosh)

Night Fall

Night fall is also known as nocturnal emission and wet dream (Swapandosh) in which a person orgasms while sleeping. This uncontrolled ejaculation can be treated with Ayurvedic treatment for night fall at Doxwell Ayurveda. For Quick Enquary Call +91 - 9899931151 or Email:

When a boy reaches in his puberty many changes takes place in his body like growth of body hair, pubic hair, growth of sex organs, hormonal changes. As a result of these changes and especially because of hormonal changes young boys start masturbating and often in sleep they come across wet dreams which cause involuntary ejaculation. This involuntary ejaculation is known as nightfall.

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Nightfall is a common condition in adolescence but many men experience it despite of ages throughout their lives.

Nightfall is very irritating especially to young boys as they are not aware what is happening to them and it is often not discussed with family and friends due to embarrassment. Hence the best way is to visit doctor and know the correct information about nightfall.

Reasons that cause nightfall:

The following are the primary medical reasons that cause nightfall.

  1. Inability to control emotions- Sexual anxiety and depression cause nightfall.
  2. A congested prostate gland- A congested prostate gland is a medical condition caused by prostatosis where a person’s prostate gets swollen due to excess fluid. It is one of the reason which causes nightfall.
  3. Weak nerves of the penis- A weak nerve of the penis caused by bad history of excessive masturbation in the past or due to any other reason is a cause for nightfall in men.

Apart from these there are other reasons that may cause nightfall

  1. Rubbing of mattress against male reproductive organ while sleeping may cause sensation this may trigger an erection followed by an ejaculation.
  2. Young boys usually come across wet dreams while sleeping. This creates sexual sensation and finally an ejaculation.
  3. Male testicles produce sperms. When a men remains sexually inactive, these excess semen is thrown out of the body in form of nightfall.
  4. Excessive masturbation may results into semen leakage. This is a serious problems and immediate medical attention is required.
  5. Sexual weakness causes an inability to ejaculate while sex, these store up semen eventually comes out while sleep.

Symptoms of nightfall

Nightfall is a sign of weakness in nervous system and a disorder in males reproductive system. Apart from these there are some common symptoms like

  1. A Burning sensation when urinating or after urination.
  2. Tiredness
  3. Exhaustion
  4. Cramps usually in back or legs
  5. Inability to concentrate.
  6. Involuntary semen flow.

Treatment with Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the ancient Indian medical system given by Indian saints. The traditional formulae of making ayurvedic medicines used by early saints are still passed down in unaltered form from generation to generation which makes these medicines unique in its form. Ayurvedic medicines are one of the purest form of remedies made from 100% natural herbs.

Treatment with Doxwell Ayurveda.

Doxwell Ayurveda is one the most prominent online Ayurvedic clinic in India. With self pharmacy, experts at Doxwell Ayurveda prepare 100% natural medicines using 100% natural herbs. These medicines are very effective for sexual related problems and are 100% side-effect free.

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Moreover Doxwell Ayurveda offers online medicine delivery facility at your door step with cash on delivery option too. No matter where you are located, Doxwell Ayurveda has worldwide network.

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FAQ - Night Fall

Does nightfall needs medical treatment?
  • Yes, nightfall needs medical attention. Excessive nightfall is a sign of weakness in nervous system of the penis and a disorder in a reproductive system of the men.
Which is the best treatment for nightfall in men?
  • Ayurvedic treatment is the best and natural treatment for nightfall in men. With the goodness of natural herbs these medicines are very effective in boosting men's stamina and are 100% side-effect free.

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