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Weight Gain

Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Gaining Healthy Weight

Weight Gain

Obesity is a curse for millions of people all over the world but do you actually know that there are quite a descent percentage of thin folks who are really struggling hard to gain weight and get rid of their structure, which is almost similar to Skelton. If fat is not healthy than too thin or being under weight is also unhealthy. Obesity and underweight are two aspects of same spectrum and the concerned individuals are supposed to develop two dissimilar kinds of eating habits. At times people despite of having good and unhealthy eating habits do not gain weight. The above symptom of underweight is a disorder and if not cured timely may lead to begning of dreadful phase of diseases in your life.

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Are you sick of trying home remedies like having two bananas or having banana shake early morning etc? Here is good news for underweight people because you don’t have to try those useless or slow results giving home remedies as now treatment are put forward by various system of science. But which is best for you will be unveiled later on this page. Before that let us have a look at reasons behind under weight and its outcomes.

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Reasons behind your underweight body

As per Ayurveda individual having Vata Dosh in body usually finds hard to gain weight and until treated they remain too thin throughout their life.

Along with Vata Dosh, there could be several other reasons too for being underweight and here is the list of other causes –

  • Heredity: some of us could be thin due to heridity reasons. If you are born with high metabolism than normal one, you may not gain weight as such individual have low appetite.
  • Excessive physical activity: if your physical exertion is on the higher side in comparison to intake of calories, you may not gain weight. People usually grow thin if they do not consume adequate amount of energy giving food.
  • Medications: Long and heavy dosage of medication results into thinning and also medication causing nausea and suppression of hunger. For example treatment of chemotherapy given to cancer patient also causes loss of weight due to heavy and strong dosage of medication.
  • Long term illness: illness like thyroid, disturbed digestive system and diabetes are causes of low weight gain by individual. Long medication affects the appetite and also diminishes body’s ability to store energy into fat.
  • Psychological problems: Stress, depression and psychological illnesses like anorexia or bulimia could be the cause of less weight.
Outcomes of underweight
  • Deficiency- Well deficiency is lack of essential nutrients, vitamins and mineral in the body. In case of underweight or too thin body individual do not have fat leading to deficiency of fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, k , D and E. Below normal presence of vitamin D in the body results in low weight gain and mal absorption of calcium causing weak and low bone density . Likewise lack of Vitamin E hampers the growth and luster of skin and hair resulting in graying of hairs or early aging. On the other hand Vitamin K is important for clotting of blood.
  • Fertility problems- Underweight individuals usually have deficiency of iron, Vitamin B12 etc which could adversely affect fertility in women. Women with low level of iron and B12 usually have fertility issues.
  • Weak immune system:the healthy you eat more strong you become. But in case of underweight folks at times even a healthy diet do not help them to gain weight and such individuals tend to have low immunity and get infected with the disease quite frequently.
  • Inhibited growth- People having weight less than the standard weight decided as per age and height of individual grows slowly and at times you may found no growth. Kids not having proper diet usually do not grow to be healthy.
Alarming signs of thinness

Slim is different from too skinny. If despite of eating food rich in fat you do not gain weight then you could be the one having disorder of thinness.

  • Low energy
  • Weariness
  • Too skinny body
  • Underweight
  • Lustreless hair and skin
Treatment By experts of Ayurveda

Treatment for underweight is proffered by all systems of medicines right from allopathic, homeopathic as well as ayurvedic. Decision to go with is to be made by you but every one of us would prefer to have economical, best and effective treatment and Ayurveda is the system of science that offers hundred percent effective and harmless treatments.

Doxwell Ayurveda, specialist of ayurvedic medicines brings you a procedural treatment involving numerous steps in curing diseases of any degree. Team lead by highly experienced and honoured doctor Mr Asif baig offers one-on-one consultancy on distinct modes of communication like online, telephonic conversation or face to face meet. We provide customized treatment based on medical reports of essential investigation like blood tests etc. We focus on patient’s diet and body type, based on the foundation of evaluation, the course of action of treatment is finalised along with adjustments in calorie intake, eating choices and disturbed metabolism of patients.

Our Ayurvedic medicines for weight gain do not involve any sort of instant weight gain ingredients like steroids etc which may affect our body adversely. Do not expect miracles as our Ayurvedic medicine works primarily on factors that do not let you gain weight i.e acts on disorder first and then aids patient to gain weight. Our doctor provides promotes healthy lifestyle too along with providing cure to their health issues. Lastly have home delivery at your door through our home delivery services anywhere in the country or outside.

FAQ - Weight Gain

How is treatment offered by Doxwell Ayurveda treatment for weight gain is different and better than other Ayurvedic treatment?
  • we are not here to prove our superiority rather we substantiate purity and prefer to stick to the norms of Ayurveda. We present highly pure, customised and side effect free treatment based on the sufferings of every case. Our treatments are easily affordable by folks of all class unlike other clinics whose main objective is maximization of profit rather than providing authentic medicine and treatment.
How can we be sure of your credibility of your weight gain treatment?
  • Doxwell ayurveda clinic emphasize primarily on quality and trust of millions of its clientele and to confirm our assurances we have ingredients mentioned on our products. Our all product passes through various steps of quality control and then it is forwarded to patients. Our services are not just completed on delivering medicines; we stay in touch with patients and keep on taking their reviews to confirm the impact of medicine on them though our weight gain treatment along with other medicines are absolutely herbs based with no side effects.

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