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Ayurvedic treatment for neutralization of Diabetes


Large number of people every year gets entrapped by the chronic metabolic disorder called Diabetes whereas already millions are affected with it. It is being said that it is a lifelong disease and one has to live with it for rest of the life on being once suffering from it. But the good news is that it can be controlled as well as avoided by following a healthy lifestyle involving control over weight, balanced as well as fibrous diet, no consumption of nicotine based products and regular physical exercise.

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Unfortunately despite of increased awareness by government and private clinics, people are still confined to their preconceived notion of diabetes treatment considering insulin injections and lifelong medicine are the only treatment that can keep them going. But the fact is there is much more for a diabetic patient beyond above treatment.

Ayurveda, the nature based discipline of treatment states that diabetes can be easily and successfully treated with natural treatment along with the maintenance of balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and regular work out. The basic need of diabetes is complete restoration of body and which is possible through a healthy lifestyle and ayurveda only. Doxwell ayurveda, the most accomplished name in the world of ayurveda give a hand of assistance and cure to patients of diabetes by offering ayurvedic medicine for diabetes with a primary aim of providing cure to patients and secondarily aims to eradicate the myth of treatment associated with the disease.

Doxwell ayurveda presents ayurvedic treatment for diabetes, the metabolic disorder which if not treated timely can result in severe health issues like multiple organ failure. We bring you customized treatment for each and every diabetic patient by vigilantly going through every case study as we believe one treatment for all patients often worsen the state of disease . Our medicine works on controlling the blood sugar level and also acts on mental and physical rejuvenation of patients too. Our ayurvedic medicines enable patients to lead a normal, healthy and stress free life. Order Now: +91 (0) 9899931151

Alarming stage when you should approach us –

Viewing the seriousness associated with diabetes, here are the circumstances when you should immediately consult our doctors as these are the symptoms and needs immediate treatment to have control over chronic disease.

  • Weight loss without any diet control or exercise.
  • Frequent urination
  • fatigue
  • excessive thirst
  • low focus and lack of interest
  • unclear vision
  • recurrent infection
  • low healing
  • Jaded hands and feet

People can on their own identify the risk of diabetes in their life if they are obese, lethargic, anyone above 40 years of age, with a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure , high cholesterol, unhealthy diet plan and belong to any specific ethnicity.

Our Ayurvedic Treatment

One pill cannot have potential to cure a disease at different stage likewise we do not have just one treatment for all types of diabetes or for different stages of it which is generally practised by other clinics. Our team examine every case individually proceeded after thorough study and analysis of the case before recommending ayurvedic medicine to the patient.

Mostly every one of us do not prefer to go to clinics due to heavy rush and doctors themselves sometime do not give adequate time to each patient. With a vision to work only in the interest of our much valued patients, we bring online consultancy as well as treatment for client within the country or abroad. It has enabled us to spread the benefits of ayurveda beyond boundaries of countries. Our reasonably priced treatment, medication as well as home delivery services has made the treatment for diabetes available for all despite of distinct status of folks. We inspire patients of diabetes to live a healthy life by giving those tips, guidance and off course treatment to save your life from the ill effects of Diabetes.

FAQ - Diabetes

What are the causes of diabetes?
  • It is a general notion that excessive intake of sweets is the root cause of diabetes but it is a misconception. Diabetes are of many kinds and there are different causes for every one of them but in general obesity, stress, growing age, family history with diabetes, pregnancy, unhealthy diet and lifestyle are causes of diabetes. Also when cells in pancreas that secret insulin is damaged by immune system results in low level of insulin and thereby causes diabetes in humans.
What are the treatments available for the cure of diabetes and which system of treatment is best and why?
  • Every system of medicine like allopathic, homeopathic as well as ayurveda stores treatment for the metabolic disorder called diabetes but on enquiring about the effectiveness of all above three, Ayurveda is said to be most effective as other science of cure offers adverse impact on the other organs of the body. Ayurveda offers nature based medicine and thus is safest to consume.

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