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Eczema is a common chronic skin condition that affects millions of people world-wide. Eczema is a condition which can cause patches of skin to be become red, inflamed, dry, flaky and intolerably itchy. The medical name for eczema is atopic dermatitis.

These patches of skin often recede when the skin is more often exposed to sunlight and when the weather is warm and moist.

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What causes eczema?

Causes of eczema are unknown. According to researchers, a person develops eczema due to environmental triggers and because of a combination of genes. When a foreign material or say an allergen enters immune system, the skin cells reacts differently and not as they should, causing an eczema flare-ups.

Eczema is not contagious but it seems to be genetic, in a family more than one person may be afflicted. Many a times a person suffering from eczema develops the condition before the age of five years and continues to have symptoms as an adult.

However, symptoms of eczema differ from person to person and according to age. At a period of time, some people’s symptoms aggravates, followed by periods of time when their symptoms improves.

The following are the symptoms of eczema according to the age.
Eczema symptom in infant under the age of two years.
  1. Under the age of two years infants, rashes normally appears on cheeks and scalp.
  2. These rashes usually form bubbles before leaking fluids.
  3. These rashes are very itchy and on scratching can aggravate the condition.
Eczema symptoms in children of 2 years and above.
  1. At these age, rashes normally appear on the back of knees and elbows.
  2. Rashes are also common on neck, buttocks and legs.
  3. These rashes can be bumpy and can become thick and can cause permanent itching.
Eczema symptoms in adults.
  1. Rashes appear on the nape of the neck, and on elbows and knees.
  2. Now much of the body is covered with rashes.
  3. These rashes can dry the skin and can develop permanent itching.
  4. These rashes are scalier and can develop skin infections.

A person with eczema should be very careful as scratching and rubbing of the skin will only worsen the condition and lead to serious skin infection.

The following are the common care that each person suffering from eczema should take.

Wear soft cotton clothes

Use lukewarm water and mild soaps for bathing.

Apply moisturizer after bath. Make a habit of moisturizing everyday it will help your dry skin.

After bath gently pat dry skin instead of rubbing.

Factors that may trigger eczema symptoms.
  1. Environmental factors such as smoke and pollen.
  2. Food items like dairy and nuts.
  3. Weather conditions like cold and winter
  4. Age of the person.
  5. Harsh detergents and soaps.
Eczema treatment with Ayurveda.

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FAQ - Eczema

Is dermatitis and eczema same?
  • Yes, atopic dermatitis and eczema are same. Atopic dermatitis is a medical name for eczema. In both conditions, patches of skin become red, inflamed, dry, flaky and itchy.
Eczema is a contagious disease?
  • No, eczema is not a contagious disease. However, if the eczema skin becomes infected, this infection causing agent may be contagious.

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